Three B2B Online Marketing Campaign: A Beginner’s Guide

Setting up an online marketing campaign to attract and convert new leads isn’t exactly easy, especially when it’s your first time. With the massive amount of digital marketing information that abounds on the internet, it seems like something one should be able to sort out, right?

The digital marketing gurus out there sure make it seem simple and approachable by breaking things down into bite-sized tips and short, digestible lessons, which really works great when you’re focused on fine-tuning one piece of the puzzle. But bringing it all together into a comprehensive marketing machine that actually functions as a comprehensive campaign and works to drive your business objectives needs more than a handful of helpful tips or tricks. It needs a whole roadmap.

So here’s your roadmap!

This is a step-by-step guide to help you develop your first B2B marketing campaign to attract leads. From the work you need to get out of the way on the front end to whipping up and distributing your lead magnet, here’s the 101-level framework you need to craft a killer first campaign.

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Before Your Online Marketing Campaign

Before you can start working on your online marketing campaign, there are a few things you should probably sort out first — your campaign will work so much better when you build it up from a solid foundation.

The way I see it, this starts with keen insights around who your brand is, why you’re out there, what you’re trying to accomplish, and who your audience is. This vital collection of need-to-know marketing information is something I call the Brand Blueprint.

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Brand Blueprint

A Brand Blueprint doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but you do need to put in some time using your noggin to do research and gain greater insight into your brand. Ideally, the insights you’re looking for are those that are universal to your brand – not just one product, service, or campaign. This is information you can use as a foundation to guide all of your upcoming marketing efforts.

Once you’ve created your Brand Blueprint, you want to think about whatever the heck it is you’re trying to get folks to do. And given that this is your first campaign, you’re most likely just trying to get them into your funnel in the first place. In order to convert visitors into leads to drop into the top of your funnel, you’ll need to collect some basic information from them.

So, about that funnel…

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The Sales Funnel

The idea of the sales funnel (a.k.a. conversion path, buyer’s journey, or whatever your favorite marketing pro calls it) is that prospects get converted to leads and enter the top of the funnel, your marketing and sales magic runs its course, and they come out the bottom of the funnel as customers. Pretty neat, huh?

I like how Marko Saric describes the sales funnel:

It’s like a chain of events a person in your target audience goes through to become a customer of your company. Stages such as realizing the need for something, discovering different options that can fulfill that need, considering the differences between them and choosing to purchase the most appropriate one. You need to understand the different stages and how best to communicate (and where) with your prospects at each of these stages.

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